Camille on motherhood & fitness. She definitely embodies what it means to be #mamastrong and have #goals!


What is your occupation?
Operations Consultant

Do you have a name picked out?

What’s something you really love about being pregnant?
I enjoyed quite a few things about the pregnancy. When I went to the doctors office, it amazed me how I was gaining week by week and the shape of my stomach started to change depending on what position he was in. It was fun waking up to the hiccups I felt in the third trimester. Of course the ultrasounds were my absolute highlights!

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?
As a first time mom, I’m finding I really want to understand the signs and cues of my baby, Caden’s needs. Its frustrating because I want to anticipate his needs but we are both learning more about each other every day.

How has your style changed while being pregnant? What did maternity clothing look like for you?
I started wearing a lot more dresses since I definitely grew out of all my skirts, pants, etc.

Camille in BellaNove’s Veronica Cowl Neck Sheath Dress

How are you planning on balancing work and motherhood?
Planning on prioritizing time with Caden for at least 4 months before looking into getting nanny help so I can get back into full time work.

What will you miss most about being pregnant?
I will miss all the movements and sensations that came from my belly.

What will you not miss most about being pregnant?
I will not miss having to sleep on my side since I’m a back sleeper!

A fun facts about you?
I have a twin sister and her son is a year old. Both he and Caden were exactly 7.9 pounds when born. Just got into painting with acrylics which I haven’t done since I was about 10 years old. Also, I love to workout when I can!

What kept you motivated to stay fit while pregnant?
In college I had a personal training business and worked with a couple clients that mentioned they continued their fitness routine after their pregnancy. Hence, when they started training again post pregnancy they were able to bounce back quicker than other moms who were in the same boat. I remembered that 10 years later when I got pregnant and told myself I have to keep my fitness routine going, modifying movements when I needed to.

How did you change your workouts during pregnancy?
I noticed I had bursts of increased strength around my 5th and 6th month so I was still able to lift weights similar to pre pregnancy. My endurance slowed down quicker than my strength so I cut back on running and rowing and started biking more. I took longer breaks in-between exercises and focused on some olympic lifting (at lighter weights), kettle bells, Medicine Ball work and pushing/pulling exercises.

Did you reach out for medical advice about your workouts?
My doctor gave me general guidelines and said I can continue exercises I was doing pre-pregnancy so I decided to continue crossfit.​

Are there things you would have done differently if you could?
I think it was difficult for me when I realized it was time to modify my movements. I had to go through a mental battle with myself to slow down and listen to my body. That is something I had to live through and experience myself. Looking back, there isn’t anything I would have done differently.

Did your diet change with pregnancy?​
Diet didn’t change much, I ate fairly clean and paleo even though proteins and vegetables were on the bottom of my “want to eat” list. I did increase my fat intake and ​treated myself to ice cream trips!

What fitness supplements did you take during your pregnancy?​
None-just my prenatal vitamins​

What kind of exercises were your favorites? What classes did you do?
​I took prenatal yoga and crossfit classes

How do you think it affected your pregnancy? Pros? Cons?
I always made sure to make more time for longer warm ups and more stretching after my workouts. My body felt less stiff and I felt I had more energy to go into work when I went to the gym in the mornings. It was difficult for me to step back and not push myself mentally through a class as I did pre-pregnancy so my coaches had to remind me to scale back. As long as I didn’t push over that limit, I felt great after my workouts.

Do you think it made it easier after you gave birth to stay fit?
I worked out with quiet a few moms in my classes that kept me motivated and shared with me their stories of either staying fit or not working out at all when they were pregnant​. Since this was my first child, I had no idea how I would do during delivery. My early labor (contractions) lasted 3 nights and on the 4th day when it got close to delivery, I decided not to get the epidural (which was always an option in my mind) and I gave it 5 pushes and then my little guy entered the world. It was a pretty long labor, but a big part of it for me was a mental game which I absolutely attribute to my time in the gym.

Do you have advice for pregnant women who want to stay active but find it difficult?
My first trimester was really difficult to make it to the gym due to my sickness throughout the day, however, in the second trimester when I started to feel better (although extremely tired) I put myself in robot mode and committed to 4 days a week in the gym. I absolutely found it difficult to get up and out to make it to the gym, but it was important to me to keep up my strength (not just physical strength but my mental strength and endurance) so I can be as prepared as I can for delivery. You can do it too!


Sarah shares her journey through pregnancy with her first child and how she plans to balance work and motherhood:


What is your occupation?
Registered Nurse

Do you have a name picked out?
Olivia Reese

What’s something you really love about being pregnant?
I love feeling her kicks, hiccups and tiny movements every day. I also loved hearing her heartbeat at every doctors appointment we had.

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?
I am most nervous about not knowing how to care for my baby.

Have you had any cravings?
During early second trimester, I was craving burritos. I also craved blueberries, strawberries and croissants throughout my entire pregnancy. I don’t think I had any crazy or weird cravings out of the ordinary.

Sarah in BellaNove’s Red Mock Turtleneck Ruched Sheath Dress

What maternity pieces could you not live without?
My ruched maternity t-shirts and tights.

How has your style changed while being pregnant?
I prefer to wear more comfortable clothing and I’m unable to wear certain dresses and rompers as they are no longer cute on me.

What were some of the biggest challenges with dressing for maternity?
Like I mentioned above, I am unable to wear certain dresses and rompers because I feel like they do not look cute/appealing anymore. It was also challenging to accept that my shoes/sandals/heels no longer fit me and my feet are swelling.

How are you planning on balancing work and motherhood?
I work three, 12 hour shifts a week and work alternating weekends. I’m honestly not sure how I will balance my work and being a mother, but I do know that when I go back to work, my husband will take his paternity leave to be with Olivia. After talking to co-workers, it seems like lack of sleep is the normal for parents, so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that. Either way, my husband and I plan to balance work and parenthood the best we can.

What will you miss most about being pregnant?
Feeling all the movements she does on a daily basis. I think that’s the most exciting part of my day! Knowing that she’s growing inside mommy makes me feel good.

Now that you’re a few months into motherhood, what advice do you have for expecting moms?
Enjoy every moment you get with your baby boy or girl because they really do grow up fast like everyone says. Being a mom is life changing but truly worth it! I now know how it feels and definitely agree 100%


Liz was pregnant with her second child when she met BellaNove.  We asked her a few questions about her pregnancy journey and Liz gives some great advice on how to handle the pressures of motherhood!

What is your occupation?

EMEA Business Partner on the Customer Analytics & Strategy team at Adobe. I help translate data into action within the Sales Operations team.

What’s your babies name? Is it totally them?

Percy and Sawyer. I think the name becomes your baby; not the other way around. Percy’s name totally fits him — he’s spunky, energetic and loving. Same with Sawyer — she’s grounded, focused and determined (well, for an 11-month old, that is!)

What’s something you really loved and miss about being pregnant?

I missed being able to push myself physically when I was pregnant — I was still able to work out and stay in shape, but not at the same level as when I was not pregnant.

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?

Everything is changing. You can never fully prepare for motherhood. There is a feeling giving in, of surrendering, that needs to take place in order for you to have grace as a parent. You are never in total control; there’s beauty and pain in that.  (Mostly pain when it’s middle of the night wakeups!)

Did you had any cravings? Was it different from your first child?

In both pregnancies, I pretty much craved the same food I’ve always liked, just in large quantities. Mac and cheese? Yes, please, for every meal!  

What maternity pieces could you not live without?

Maternity leggings.

How has your style changed while being pregnant?

Comfort to the max!

What were some of the biggest challenges with dressing for maternity?

Since you tire more easily, I always wanted to wear comfortable clothes so that I could stretch or relax, whether at work or at home. 

Tips on how you are balancing work and motherhood? #Protips

Ha! Childcare, a supportive spouse, and work flexibility. It’s a constantly changing battle. You have to be easy on yourself and allow enough time for you to feel out what is the right balance for you and your family. Also, the advice I give other moms most often is to lower your expectations. If you set high expectations for anything outside of your control (which, obviously, includes kids’ behaviors, fire drills at work, etc.), you are setting yourself up for exhaustion and disappointment. Be proud of the person you are morphing into! Moms are rock stars!

Something interesting/quirky about you?

I sang in professional choirs from childhood through college. Although I’m not in a group right now, I sing and play the ukulele for my kids 🙂

What do you like to do for fun?

Ha! Not much extra time for me right now, but I just love weekend mornings with the family — walking to get coffee and bagels and hitting up a playground!