Sarah shares her journey through pregnancy with her first child and how she plans to balance work and motherhood:


What is your occupation?
Registered Nurse

Do you have a name picked out?
Olivia Reese

What’s something you really love about being pregnant?
I love feeling her kicks, hiccups and tiny movements every day. I also loved hearing her heartbeat at every doctors appointment we had.

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?
I am most nervous about not knowing how to care for my baby.

Have you had any cravings?
During early second trimester, I was craving burritos. I also craved blueberries, strawberries and croissants throughout my entire pregnancy. I don’t think I had any crazy or weird cravings out of the ordinary.

Sarah in BellaNove’s Red Mock Turtleneck Ruched Sheath Dress

What maternity pieces could you not live without?
My ruched maternity t-shirts and tights.

How has your style changed while being pregnant?
I prefer to wear more comfortable clothing and I’m unable to wear certain dresses and rompers as they are no longer cute on me.

What were some of the biggest challenges with dressing for maternity?
Like I mentioned above, I am unable to wear certain dresses and rompers because I feel like they do not look cute/appealing anymore. It was also challenging to accept that my shoes/sandals/heels no longer fit me and my feet are swelling.

How are you planning on balancing work and motherhood?
I work three, 12 hour shifts a week and work alternating weekends. I’m honestly not sure how I will balance my work and being a mother, but I do know that when I go back to work, my husband will take his paternity leave to be with Olivia. After talking to co-workers, it seems like lack of sleep is the normal for parents, so I am trying to mentally prepare myself for that. Either way, my husband and I plan to balance work and parenthood the best we can.

What will you miss most about being pregnant?
Feeling all the movements she does on a daily basis. I think that’s the most exciting part of my day! Knowing that she’s growing inside mommy makes me feel good.

Now that you’re a few months into motherhood, what advice do you have for expecting moms?
Enjoy every moment you get with your baby boy or girl because they really do grow up fast like everyone says. Being a mom is life changing but truly worth it! I now know how it feels and definitely agree 100%