Rhiannon, soon-to-be mother of two, shares some insights into her second pregnancy with us!

When are you due?
December 6th.

Do you have a name picked out?
Yes! We have chosen to name him Levi. My husband and I have a hard time agreeing on boys’ names, and it was the only boy name that we both agreed on when we started making our lists!

What is your occupation?
I’m a stay at home mommy who teaches fitness classes with Fit4Mom.

What’s something you really love about being pregnant?
I love wearing tight clothing and not worrying about if my belly is poking out! After having your first child, you just have this pooch after. Its just part of being a mom! But then you get pregnant again, and you no longer care about the pooch! You want people to see that you have a big belly! I end up wearing lots of form fitting shirts while pregnant because I love accentuating my bump!

Rhiannon in BellaNove’s CeCe Sleeveless Dress in blue

What’s the coolest thing you’ve accomplished while being pregnant?
I have gotten to do some really fun things this pregnancy. I was on a reality show 10 years ago and there was a reunion concert in NYC that I got to go perform in. It was so much fun to get up on stage and sing again, and it is very special that I got to do it pregnant!

How do you keep fit and healthy during your pregnancy? Did you do the same thing when you were having your first child?
I’m lucky enough with this pregnancy to teach a few classes a week, so that keeps me going as far as a prenatal workout. But when you have a toddler, everyday life is a workout! From diaper changes to bath time, its all cardio and strength training! I didn’t workout with my first pregnancy, but I lived in NYC at the time, so I walked to work everyday which was a total of 3.8 miles a day. So that became my workouts. Especially toward the end.

What was a challenge you faced with working while pregnant?
Working for me is teaching fitness classes, so I feel like the bigger you get the more challenging things get. No matter how great of shape you are in, it becomes harder and harder to do things with a growing belly. Plus you run out of breath extremely fast, so talking while working out becomes very challenging!

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?
I’m most nervous about having 2. Having one child is a whirlwind in itself, so to add another to the mix there are always scary feelings that come with that. What will your days look like? Will they ever take a nap at the same time? Does your love really multiply? All of those fears!

Have you had any cravings?
Mostly just healthy foods! Lots of fresh fruits and grilled veggies. With my first pregnancy though, it was carbs!!

Have your hobbies or favorite pastime changed while pregnant?
This pregnancy has not been as easy as my first pregnancy, and because I was so active before I got pregnant I have had to slow down, so now I love sitting down to play with my son, and reading to relax.

What maternity pieces could you not live without?
Leggings! They are so comfortable, and they are so versatile that I can pair them with my long tanks or my oversize sweaters!

How has your style changed while being pregnant?
Because this is my second pregnancy I’m just using all of my old maternity clothing, so because my style had changed after having my first son, it’s funny to see the things that I really loved when I was pregnant with him, that I have now put in the donation pile.

What will you miss most about being pregnant?
Feeling the baby move in my belly! It is so crazy to think there is a little human growing inside of my body, and I will miss feeling his kicks and hiccups!

Something interesting about you that people wouldn’t normally know?
Something interesting about me that you wouldn’t know by looking at me, is that I’m into a few really uncommon sports! I love to play badminton, bowling and frisbee! In fact, I won a badminton championship when I was in high school with a team I was on!