Liz was pregnant with her second child when she met BellaNove.  We asked her a few questions about her pregnancy journey and Liz gives some great advice on how to handle the pressures of motherhood!

What is your occupation?

EMEA Business Partner on the Customer Analytics & Strategy team at Adobe. I help translate data into action within the Sales Operations team.

What’s your babies name? Is it totally them?

Percy and Sawyer. I think the name becomes your baby; not the other way around. Percy’s name totally fits him — he’s spunky, energetic and loving. Same with Sawyer — she’s grounded, focused and determined (well, for an 11-month old, that is!)

What’s something you really loved and miss about being pregnant?

I missed being able to push myself physically when I was pregnant — I was still able to work out and stay in shape, but not at the same level as when I was not pregnant.

What are/were you most nervous about with motherhood?

Everything is changing. You can never fully prepare for motherhood. There is a feeling giving in, of surrendering, that needs to take place in order for you to have grace as a parent. You are never in total control; there’s beauty and pain in that.  (Mostly pain when it’s middle of the night wakeups!)

Did you had any cravings? Was it different from your first child?

In both pregnancies, I pretty much craved the same food I’ve always liked, just in large quantities. Mac and cheese? Yes, please, for every meal!  

What maternity pieces could you not live without?

Maternity leggings.

How has your style changed while being pregnant?

Comfort to the max!

What were some of the biggest challenges with dressing for maternity?

Since you tire more easily, I always wanted to wear comfortable clothes so that I could stretch or relax, whether at work or at home. 

Tips on how you are balancing work and motherhood? #Protips

Ha! Childcare, a supportive spouse, and work flexibility. It’s a constantly changing battle. You have to be easy on yourself and allow enough time for you to feel out what is the right balance for you and your family. Also, the advice I give other moms most often is to lower your expectations. If you set high expectations for anything outside of your control (which, obviously, includes kids’ behaviors, fire drills at work, etc.), you are setting yourself up for exhaustion and disappointment. Be proud of the person you are morphing into! Moms are rock stars!

Something interesting/quirky about you?

I sang in professional choirs from childhood through college. Although I’m not in a group right now, I sing and play the ukulele for my kids 🙂

What do you like to do for fun?

Ha! Not much extra time for me right now, but I just love weekend mornings with the family — walking to get coffee and bagels and hitting up a playground!