My grandma raised 5 children on her own after her husband passed. She did whatever it took to make ends meet including carrying wells of water from the river into the city, selling woodchips, or running a food cart. My mother was a stay at home mom who dedicated her life to raise my sister and me to become responsible and respectable women.

Every day I meet amazing women who do so much to work towards their goals in life, whether it’s related to career, personal growth, helping others, or family. They find a way to balance motherhood while still accomplishing life.  Because of you, I firmly believe that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.


When our founder, Jenny, began her journey to building BellaNove, there were two things that were important to her: sustainability and women’s empowerment.


Clothing industry is the second highest polluting industry after oil. Having been in fashion herself with a previous women’s clothing line that sold in Nordstrom and Anthropologie, she saw first hand how much waste was part of this process. American’s toss 15 million tons of textile waste to landfills every year — that translates to 75 pounds of clothing being tossed per person! And clothing is not readily biodegradable–each piece will take over 200 years all the while releasing toxic fumes into our atmosphere.

So BellaNove set out to change the way beautiful clothing can be consumed, and in turn, do our part in saving the planet for our future generations.

This is why BellaNove was built on a rental model. By curating high quality and timeless pieces, we can enable a shared economy model that is anti-fast-fashion.


Jenny spent many years in Corporate America and saw the challenges her female colleagues faced with wanting to advance their careers while also starting and having a family.

Did you know that many women hit the maternal wall before hitting the glass ceiling?

Clothing is a way we represent ourselves and express ourselves. When we put on something that makes us look great, we feel great. This is exactly what we wanted to give back to women who are going through so many changes during their pregnancy!


Ending Note

BellaNove was built from the ground up to be an advocate to women during this beautiful yet stressful time.

This is why we love working with companies and organizations who share our same vision and mission.

This is why we also donate our retired inventory to women-in-need organizations.

We want to empower women from all walks of life to feel confident and beautiful, especially during their pregnancies.


If you’d like to join us in our journey, please email us at