Our name:

Bella means “beautiful” & Nové means “nine.”

Across histories and cultures the number nine (9), as the highest single-digit number, has been said to represent divine completeness and eternity. And what a perfect motif to capture the essence of a woman as she embarks on one of the most miraculous journeys any human can experience.

Why we’re here:

We want BellaNové to be an ally to women helping with one of the most defining parts of womanhood: becoming a mother.

We know you’re already juggling work deadlines, conference calls, and finding time for all else that is life. That’s why we are dedicated to help you maintain your air of confidence as you continue to dominate presentation after board meeting after date night and Sunday brunch with your girls (because we all need to stay sane somehow).



My grandma raised 5 children on her own after her husband passed. She did whatever it took to make ends meet including carrying wells of water from the river into the city, selling woodchips, or running a food cart. My mother was a stay at home mom who dedicated her life to raise my sister and I to become responsible and respectable women.

Every day I meet amazing women who do so much to work towards their goals in life, whether it’s related career, personal growth, helping others, or family. They find a way to balance motherhood while still accomplishing life.  Because of you, I firmly believe that YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.